About Merlo

Merlo was founded in 2014 by Amy Walker and Mark Longstaff-Tyrrell. We got the idea to create a wallet that would solve the problem of card clash after getting caught out on the Underground. We'd either end up charging the journey to the wrong card or the gates wouldn't open at all as the barrier struggled to read both cards. At the time the only solution was to take the card out of the wallet every time which seemed to defeat the convenience of the technology. There had to be a better way!

The contactless “card clash” problem

Contactless technology offers a quick way of paying because you don’t need to put a card into the machine or type in a pin number - payment is authorised through a single tap of the card on the terminal. But keeping an increasing number of contactless credit, debit and transport cards together in a single wallet can lead to a problem: “card clash”. This happens when all the contactless cards in a wallet try to connect at once to a payment terminal. The terminal doesn’t know which card to connect to and so latches onto the first one, or fails. Either way, you’re not in control and it’s a lottery as to which card, if any, will be used for the payment. It takes you right back to square one having to take the correct card out to make a payment.

The solution

Merlo’s patent­-pending technology is included as standard inside every product and allows you to choose the right contactless card for the right payment without removing any cards, putting you back in control. You don't risk exposing any credit cards in busy places or hold up the queue while you search for the right card. You know exactly which card is being charged for every payment.

All Merlo smart wallets contain at least three card pockets – two on the outside for the contactless cards you want to use, while all the cards inside the wallet can’t be scanned at all.

Not having to juggle with cards, bags and a coffee when I go past a card reader has made the daily commute much less of a pain Richard, London


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